Autumn Spear

Ancient wisdom reminds us that every animal teaches a special lesson.
Talismans are worn for their healing and inspirational Powers.
Bear – Strength and knowledge
Dolphin – Joy, Harmony, Connection to self
Horse – Freedom, Power
Shark – Survival skills, Adaptability
Turtle – Love, Protection, Health

You can’t change the universe but you can change your thoughts.  It is said that you are what you eat, but clearly you are what you THINK.  What you think determines your reality.  Throughout history people have believed in the healing and metaphysical properties of metals and stones.

Copper – increases circulation, helps relieve pain, aligns lower chakras.
Hematite – stimulates recall, grounds, dissolves negative energy, anti-inflamatory.
Turquoise – Prosperity, Mental relaxation.

Fossils are pieces of earths history.  They remind us of the vast diversity of species that have inhabited our planet.  Although very different in appearance, they are linked together, as we are, with all species, having the common bond of being caught up in the mystery of life.
Ammonite: 65-370 million years old.
Othorceras: 400 million years old.
Sharks tooth:  50 million years old.