Harriet Peck Taylor

Much of Harriet’s work is done in a hand painted batik process.  Translucent layers of color are painted and wax is applied after each layer of color to preserve that area.  The wax gives clarity to the lines and textures and the dyes give the fluidity of color which lends her art its distinctive look.  Recently, she has been working in oil pastels. This medium allows her the freedom to work outside.

We are pleased to offer this line of fine art giclee prints. Harriet’s giclees are printed on Fine Art Paper and are acid-free.  They are printed using pigment based archival inks rather than dyes and are estimated to last more than 100 years.  Some of the images are also available on canvas and a few, where indicated, are offset lithographs (poster prints) rather than giclees.

Harriet has worked very closely with the art studio to create this line which she believes is as close to the original as possible.Giclee (French for “spray”) is an advancement in printmaking technology which uses a digital process to apply inks to the surface of archival papers from tiny jets one-tenth the diameter of a human hair.  The result is stunningly perfect color to match the original, from the first print to the last, creating fine art reproductions that meet or exceed the quality of traditional lithography and screen printing and are often indistinguishable from the originals.

For questions about these items or placing an order, please contact us at 303-823-5900 or email us at redcanyonart@gmail.com
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